• Drama group

    SUNNY runs a drama group weekly for all members leading to a theatrical show in front of family, friends and carers, yearly
  • Social events and parties

    SUNNY likes to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, Easter and other events in local venues and all members and carers are welcome.
  • Day trips and Holidays

    SUNNY organizes day trips and holidays for all our members to many different cities from a day trip to a weeks holiday.
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We are "Speak Up Now North Yorkshire", a charity based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire

As Well as being a club/drop in centre that provides various activities in a family type atmosphere and also days or weeks away on holidays...

We are here to help people with Learning disabilities to speak for themselves:

  • To tell them why this is important
  • Control their own lives and make their own decisions with support from people they trust
  • To tell the public and people who provide services what people with Learning disabilities need in different parts of their lives
  • And are respected for who they are and what they say
  • To get information about what people with Learning disabilities need.
  • Know about their rights
  • How to get their rights
  • Have the same rights as everyone else
  • To share useful information to help the public learn about people with Learning disabilities
  • To make sure people with Learning disabilities have the chance to take risks like everybody else
  • To work towards doing away with labels which affect their lives in a bad way
  • To make sure people with a Learning disability are involved at all stages , in the planning and development of the services they receive
  • To work towards people with a Learning disability leading full and active lives
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SUNNY Holiday updates

  • June 20th Overnight stay in Hull  going to nightclub which is for people with a Learning disability http://hullred.co.uk/red/ Then going in the Afternoon on the 21st to see Fame  The price is £80.00 which includes hotel , breakfast, evening meal , theatre ticket, and train fare.
  • July 24th we are going to Leeds to see Shrek the Musical  the cost is £90.00 which includes theatre ticket, overnight stay with breakfast,evening meal and train fare. There are only 2 tickets left.
  • Dec 4th we are going to Hull to see Alladin  which is £80.00 and includes Theatre ticket , overnight stay , breakfast evening meal and train fare.
  • Any member who wishes to go to any of these events please get in touch with Stewart or Janette  on 07777648808


We would like to thank Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales


We run a group which is called SUNNY entertainment group we do a show twice yearly we have just finished doing The Wizard of Oz in the first part which was really hard as we had to follow a script and it was hard learning it.

 The second half was songs from the musicals , we did Mary Poppins , Mama Mia , Me and my girl and the sound of music at the end we had the audience join in with Summer Holiday.